Iconic Artists

Clowns: an obsessive theme in Bernard Buffet’s work

Many artists create a good number of works from painting. In order to become special in the eyes of other artists, you…

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Françoise de Felice: stunning fades and precise drawing

Painting is an art that allows people, in particular the young, to evolve in everyday life. It also helps bring up the…

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Arcimboldo: an artist who is famous for his plant illustrations

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Arcimboldi or Arcimboldus is a painter who made a name for himself with his numerous paintings, predominantly of vegetation. He…

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How to analyse Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” ?

Thanks to his intelligence and overflowing imagination, Man is capable of great things. So, in order to experience what is on his…

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How did Andy Warhol become the emblematic figure of Pop Art?

It is rare to find a genius as famous as Andy Warhol in the art world. An icon figure who has influenced…

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Where to find the masters of contemporary figurative art?

Nowadays, it is easy to find new works in different fields and to access the best cultural and artistic information and articles….

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