Françoise de Felice: stunning fades and precise drawing

Published on : 29 October 20213 min reading time
Painting is an art that allows people, in particular the young, to evolve in everyday life. It also helps bring up the creative spirit faster. In fact, drawing and painting are two inseparable and even complementary works. Many artists specialize in these forms of art and Françoise de Felice is one of them. Indeed, she is highly regarded for her precision drawing and colour confusion skills. This guide will help you to know the particularities of this, back then, young talent’s work.

Who exactly is Françoise de Felice?

Françoise de Felice is the daughter of an Italian man who was born in 1952 in Paris. She spent her life in Paris with the whole family. In fact, she has a French mother. Her love of art started at a young age thanks to the encouragement of her grandmother who happnes to have taught her to draw. However, Françoise was not resigned to what she had learned from her grandmother, but continued on her way until she entered the Beaux Arts and the Sorbonne. With the help of her family, she left Paris and went to Sicily in 1980. At that time she began creating her own new styles wich resulted in special techniques for blending fades. Take a look at Françoise de Felice’s biography to learn more about her lofe and work.

What are the particularities of Françoise de Felice’s work?

Thanks to Françoise’s different inspirations, she was able to create several works with different styles. She adapts her own style to distinguish her typical image from the classical ones. In fact, her inspiration comes from the female world. She also plays with emotion in her work and sometimes makes poems besides painting. Most of the time, she draws inspiration from events in people’s daily lives, including the difficulty they might have. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand all of her works because of the confusion of colour that differentiates the head from the foot. It should be noted that eroticism, love and melancholy are the emotions she evokes during a new creation.

How did Françoise de Felice’s journey go?

Every artist has to go through a process before he/she can aim for success. Likewise for Françoise de Felice, she began her work at the age of 5. The graphic art she learned from her grandfather was the starting point. She was called “the artist” at school. This nickname pushed her to further develop her technique. At the age of 14, her oil painting work came to light. At that time, the black and green portraits of women were her first oil work. Thanks to the training she received at the Beaux-Arts, painting and drawing became her main job. At that time, she decided to live in Silicon with her husband.

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