Modern art

Georges Mathieu: known for his emblematic French ten franc coin

Being an artist, in particular a painter, makes your soul immortal. Indeed, the proof is in the pudding; for some time now,…

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Bernard Buffet: a modern art icon

Many unique painters and sculptors figure prominently in the list of those who have influenced modern art. These people have left their…

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Modern art: the art of the imagination

Modern art is a period in the history of art that began between the mid-1850s and 1870s with the emergence of Impressionism…

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A list of the contemporary art exhibitions not to be missed

There are many ways to fulfill the passion for contemporary art. One of them is to buy works by certain artists and…

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How to define modern art?

The world has experienced a succession of artistic eras marked by winds of change in various art fields: sculpture, painting, decorative arts,…

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3 must-see modern art museums

There are a plethora of amazing art museums and the best ones have become full travel destinations. Home to the vast majority…

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