Bernard Buffet: a modern art icon

Many unique painters and sculptors figure prominently in the list of those who have influenced modern art. These people have left their mark on history in such a way that modern art enthusiasts have taken them as models. The Frenchman Bernard Buffet illustrated his era with a masterful hand. Find out in this article how this painter managed to stand out from the mass.

A minimalist artist

According to an expert on Bernard Buffet's work, the artist lived his entire life bypassing the norm. Having had a father who worked as a company director, the Frenchman received a bourgeois education. He devoted himself to art from a very young age. A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the French capital, his particular artistic touch is reflected in his minimalist works. In other words, the paintings of this artist have few complex features. On the other hand, Bernard Buffet used dull colours with sad faces and used a network of bars to build his reputation.

A controversial character

Even though Bernard Buffet succeeded as an artist, it should be noted that until his death in 1999, he was not understood by everyone. As a painter, the Frenchman's main focus was to express his creativity and fantasy and colours were his primary means to do so. However, as he considered paint to be an expensive product, he did not use it in his paintings. This reflection is currently the subject of a virulent debate among art lovers. Indeed, if art schools and the bourgeoisie advocate the idea that when you love you don't count, the general public rather understands the artist who displays his talent while avoiding waste.

A versatile artist

Even if painting is Bernard Buffet's favourite field, it should be noted that he also distinguished himself in other related activities. Indeed, he also used sculpture as a form of artistic expression. Moreover, to the delight of philatelists, he has also taken the trouble to design postage stamps and various decorative works. Because of his particularity, Bernard Buffet is considered one of the masters of modern art. His fame was such that exhibitions of his paintings continued posthumously in his honour, not only that, a museum was established in his name.

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