A list of the contemporary art exhibitions not to be missed

There are many ways to fulfill the passion for contemporary art. One of them is to buy works by certain artists and another is to visit a museum. While the former is considered unachievable to some because of the usually high price of paintings, the latter allows everyone to contemplate these masterpieces without having to spend a fortune... Read this guide for more information on the matter...

The origins of contemporary art exhibitions

Contemporary art is a very broad field. Amongst the diversity of the discipline, artists try to materialise their creativity through illustrations that are sometimes incomprehensible to the general public. However, it happens that the artwork is destined to explain a particular phenomenon. This is notably the case of the exhibition that is currently being held in Montpellier until 10 October. As a tribute to African know-how, this exhibition highlights the creation of the cosmos, also known as the cosmogony. For this great premiere, several African artists, more precisely from Benin, were invited to participate in order to define this theme. Thus, sculptors, painters, but also professional photographers came together to support this new kind of exhibition.

For those who love extravagance

Those with a particular fondness for the unusual should consider going to the exhibition of artworks made by the famous artist Jeff Koons hosted by the city of Marseille, France. With a sulphurous reputation that precedes him, this artist shows his genius by transforming everyday objects into art. Provocative in the colours he uses, Jeff Koons has made a name for himself with his paintings and sculptures. For the passionate or the simply curious, this exhibition promises a sparkling mix of charm and adventure. Note that this exhibition will be held at the Mucéum until 18 October.

For those who have bias twoards the classics

Talking about these contemporary art exhibitions without mentioning the classic artists would be meaningless. Indeed, these artists have collaborated to carry their nations’ flags high. In the long list of artistic geniuses, the French Impressionists have well and truly made their country proud. As a tribute to their craft, the Giverny Museum has opened its doors until 1 November to host the achievements of Renoir, Monet and Vuillard. Based on the theme of gardens, this exhibition gathers the paintings of these impressionists to be seen on the garden side of the museum.

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