Clowns: an obsessive theme in Bernard Buffet’s work

Many artists create a good number of works from painting. In order to become special in the eyes of other artists, you must possess unique features. For instance, Bernard Buffet is known for his sad clowns with fine figures and thus has his own particularities. However, most people have not yet heard of Beranrd Buffet’s clowns. This guide will help you remedy this...

Who exactly is Bernard Buffet?

Bernard Buffet is a clown painter who was born in 1928 in Paris. He was an expressionist artist at the time. At the age of 15, he studied at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts, where he started to paint. After some time, his talent developed into sculpture, engraving and watercolour. He was able to create up to 7000 works at that time. He draws inspiration from the situation of animals, still life and landscapes. But he was particularly known for his illustration of sad clowns. In fact, each of Bernard Buffet's clowns is inspired by a melancholic real life situation.

Bernard Buffet's background

Bernard Buffet was a demanding man throughout his life; he loved working with talented people. As far as his career is concerned, studying at the school of fine arts allowed him to broaden his experiences of which painting was the first at that time. In 1945, his holidays in Brittany led him to paint beach pictures and in1946, he broadened his career at the National Museum of Modern Art. At that time he was known for his still life paintings. He was able to paint black and white canvases with bright colours. He was famous in the art of painting for his large paintings of different clowns with ochre and bluish tones.

What about Bernard Buffet’s use of clowns?

As for Bernard Buffet’s personality, he was a very emotional character. Apart from his talent for painting, poetry has allowed him to imagine the future. All his inspirations come from sad and melancholic events, taht’s why sad clowns were his favourite illustrations. Although many other artists did draw clowns, Bernard's are very unique. Known for their contracted hands, straight hair, wrinkled foreheads and elongated faces, Buffet’s clowns became famous throughout France. He also created clowns with little hats, both blue and green backgrounds and double basses. Who would have thought that clowns could make you rich?

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