How to analyse Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” ?

Thanks to his intelligence and overflowing imagination, Man is capable of great things. So, in order to experience what is on his mind, he started to paint, in an artistic way. However, there are many masterpieces that are recognised throughout the world. Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" is obviously one of them.

Gustav Klimt, who is he really?

Painting is an art form that allows you to express yourself through shapes and colours. Indeed, Gustav Klimt is one of the artists of his time who knew how to stand out. First of all, he was a painter of Austrian origins who was born in 1862 and died at the age of 56, in 1918. From an early age, the famous artist began to work in the world of art as a decorator. His work usually consisted of frescoes, emblems and allegories. This is what made him stand out for his talent and precision. One of his best-known works is the unique 'The Kiss'.

Analysis of the piece ''The Kiss'', how to approach it?

As with many masterpieces, you should be aware that you need to pay close attention when analysing the painting 'The Kiss'. At first glance, what you see is two people embracing and kissing tenderly. Moreover, the theme he has evoked is specifically about the embrace of love. Apart from the fact that you see two people, you can see that they are surrounded by beautiful flowers and are wearing gold-coloured clothes. After that, further analysis will lead you to see that the man's face remains concealed. So, when you do the analysis of this masterpiece, you will be able to start by seeing the overall image, and then get a more in-depth view so that you can see the details.

Gustav Klimt's painting style

Nowadays, Gustav Klimt has become one of the most expensive artists in the world, but he has his own way of expressing his talent. Indeed, his way of painting is quite different from others. This world-famous painter is recognised for his unique style, which is to say that he paints unique pieces. He mainly focuses on models related to love and in some of his works, he evokes eroticism, as he paints nude figures. However, as with many artists, Gustav Klimt has numerous paintings, which are exhibited in various places, such as museums.

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