What is the timeline for each of the main artistic movements?

An art movement is a set of artists and artworks with common aesthetic principles. There have been several types of art movements in the past and they still have their importance and stories to tell in the present time.

The Renaissance’s timeline

The renaissance was the great revolution in art in the 16th century. It not only brought changes to painting, which were the most famous in the art world, but also to the art of sculpture and architecture. Around the years 1400 and 1500, i.e. in the quattrocento and in the 15th century happened the first renaissance which referred to Tuscan art. The Renaissance was announced at the end of the Middle Ages and the modern age which was an era of many discoveries such as that of literature, science and philosophy which, in turn, were the basis for the Italian Renaissance. In the 15th century, the renaissance spread to Italy, Flanders, Spain and Germany, this is the first renaissance. And then the renaissance in the 16th century spread throughout Europe.

Romanticism’s timeline

In the 17th century in France, the famous word "romanticism" was used to describe chivalrous exploits. Then in the 18th century, the term 'romanticism' acquired a new meaning. During this period, French culture had been dominating Europe before Germany and England took over and thus changed the meaning of the word 'romanticism' by turning into a movement inspired by Gothic Art. During these periods of change, 'romanticism' expressed many different themes and feelings. It ended up expressing one's personal feelings while speaking of one's sadness.

Chronology of Classicism

Classicism brings several works together. In France, the classical period refers to the time when literary works were first created which was also known as the century of Louis 14. In 1898, Heinrich published his work on Italian art of the 16th and 17th centuries. Indeed, classicism allowed the development of literary works thanks to the common ideas of the writers who, in order to do this, established several rules to follow.

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